2 of 5 secret steps!*

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2 of 5 secret steps!*

2 of 5 secret steps, how we select brands for our online store.

We unite local and international Modest Fashion Brands under one roof. In this case quantity is not the first priority or to establish nisma to a multibrandstore with +500 brands, our priority is quality, so we can be your first choice. 

We are very selective when it comes to choose the right brand for nisma. Internally we follow exact five steps, of which we are allowed to share two with you.
When founding nisma, it was importan for Hasania to take only the best on board. Her measure was not only the turnover or the Brand recognition. She created five evaluation tools, which we still follow till today, two of these are as follows:


In this step, we compare the garments of the brand with those of the brands that we already have on board. It is very important not to offer similar brands or brands which identically habe the same designs. Diversity is the key point here.


We are very strict when it comes to the production sites of the brands. Of course, it is very difficult to control. We try to prevent this by excluding brands,  that produce for e.g in Bangladesh or Pakistan. We work only with designer brands, which respect and follow the fair and ethical trade principles and which produce under environmentally friendly and fair working conditions.

At our Showroom Talk you will learn more, register now: http://www.nismashop.de/en/blogs/blog/we-want-to-open-our-showroom-for-you-read-more/

*(Of course this is just a superficial insight.)


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