nisma takes a break. Why?

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nisma takes a break. Why?

No, we are not closing. We want to get better.

The main reason for this eight-week break is the fact that we have grown strongly in the recent months alhamdulilah. As some of you have certainly noticed, we had to cancel a lot of orders. In addition to that  there were delivery delays due to the high backlog of orders. 

These are all the mistakes that we admit to ourselves and that we will improve during our break. We will use the break to upgrade our system, move into a larger warehouse and expand our team insha'Allah. 

We will share on our our blog and our social media channels  how we work, what processes we have in scouting new brands for nisma, excluiisive insights and much more funny things. 

It was really not an easy decision and we know how much you love buying all brands under one roof. Therefore we will open our showroom in mid-December where you can buy the latest collections of the brands directly from us. All the details of the Showrom will follow on our blog.

We hope for your loyalty and that we can welcome you back on the 2017/02/01 to our upgraded online store. 

See you on 01.02.2017 again or before in our showroom.

"Sometimes you have to take a break, open the window and let fresh air in."

much love,
nisma team


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