Our super 7 Company Core Values!

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Our super 7 Company Core Values!

Here are our super seven nCVs. Based on these values, we make our decisions and work internally and externally.

1. Transparency 

We are not a fan of the statement: "Fake it till you make it!" We prefer: "Keep it transparent and honest so you can make it." 

Honesty! Honesty! Honesty! 

2. Humbleness 

No matter how high we stand in life, we will & we never forget that we didn't made it by our own power alone. Much more by the help of our Creator, Family, Friends and of course with the help of #teamnisma and our beloved customer. We inspire ourselves indirectly from each other everyday. This why we at nisma don't underestimate anyone, everyone has the power to change something and to inspire others. 

3. Fairness 

Be fair and honest, it's the key to every success. Don't be a business-monster.

4. Originality

We love Originality so we do not have space for copy cats (sorry not sorry). We strive innovation and a continuous fresh wind, because that's our drive.  

5. Inspiring 

Inspire people to stand for that what they love, motivate them to step out of their comfort zone. Take away from them the fear of failure.  

6. Respect

The core and a matter of course.  

7. Craziness 

Every idea counts. Things or ideas that seem creayz to others are mostly the best ones. First they laugh, then they copy. So keep it crazy and follow your instinct. 


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